okeh, assalamualaikum semua ;]

now, i would like to start posting our creations!! 

Please close this tab or back off if you are not interested
*peace [-_-]Y

i'm glad that my decision to buy this EXPENSIVE fun LEGO is not really a bad idea. 
ngee hee *weirdlaugh

i'm proud of myself, my adek-adek, my kakak-kakak and even my MOM. hihi.
She also joins us to play those bricks. supporting gile la mak. hehhehe ;]]
While abah will give opinion on our creations. Sometime he will gives us grade. 
cuba teka grade yang aku selalu dapat. RAHSIA!!!!! bhahaha.

my adek's. robot katenye. -.-

car.haouse *seriously??haha.pokok

my first [improvised] invention. ;p

robot 2

pokok 2

and preview for next LEGO entry ;]


fasy said…
wondering. berapa weh harga lego lego tu?
stylo gilaaaa. tak nyesal kan? :P
Rossales said…
fasya: harga first lego yg dlm box tu xsampai 100 pon, tapi aku da rase gile loh~~ lepas beli tu addicted beli collection yg laen2 plus dgn tapak die. total semue @#$%^&&&*. lalalala. aku da gile!!

kaka: 100persen xnyesal.excited babe! hahahah

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