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kiLLer sMiLe

uihh, awat nya hang tiba2 letak papan tanda lagu nih???
hahahaha do you want to know why??
Is it because  your boyfriend did something fishy??
wHat ??? ohohohoho,
i'm sorry, you had absolute wrong idea, KUNDANG.. kundang, i da banyak kali habak, i tadak bf.. hang nih -..-'' 
( for your information, the one who keep asking me in my entry is KUNDANG )
hemh, hang ni pon satu,la nih baru hang ingat nak kenalkan aku kat kawan2 hang???  macam ni ka hang kata membaa?? ;'[
erk, please ignore kundang.. hahaha
annoying the word itself shows the annoyance ..,
for me,
one of annoying scene is when...
tengah seronok gelak2 dengan member, 


kita tak kenal dia, dia tak kenal kita, tapi bila dia tengok kita, dia dok bisik2..  buat muka kerek..

hish !!!!!
geram nya aku !!!

moral of the story morry..
jaga ekspresi muka hang suma.. kalau ya pun hang tak puas hati ngan sapa2.. 
takpun, hang rasa hang cantek sangat kaa.
hang tak perlu la nak tarik muka, muka hang suma yang cantik tuh
lagi cantik kalau hang suma…


Recently, puncakk has become hotter than usual..

Thus, me and my roommate had decided to open the window from 8 p.m. to 11~12 a.m.
The expected invaders came as we predicted. Nevermind... we got the solution. hehehhehe
all we need are :-
cellophane tape
this method is taught by my friend.

The rove beetles are a large family (Staphylinidae) of beetles, primarily distinguished by their short elytra that leave more than half of their abdomens exposed. With over 46,000 species in thousands of genera, the group is the second largest family of beetles after the Curculionidae (the true weevils). It is an ancient group, with fossil rove beetles known from the Triassic, 200 million years ago.
^^^^^^^^^^^ haa, hang baca tak atas tuh??? nate ni meme musuh turun-temurun laa senang kata. mak aih... sampai la nih depa dok stalk kami budak2 puncakk.. =..='' depa ni meme tak bole kami nak leka sikit


Uihhhhhhhhhhhh..bezaman da rupanya aku xupdate blog buruk nih.
I got a lot of work to do. Student' s stuff. You should know.. Am I a person who love to postpone tasks???? 
aih, hang ni tak seda lagi kaa??? hang memang suka tanggugh2 nih. >:[
it' s alright, I knew it.. now, I should face the consequences :-

bad temper symptom 
[ cepat dapat kedut kat muka  =( ]

messy work
imperfect yield
dissapointing result
Don't dare to '' CoLLeCT '' worksssssssssssss if YOU are not a  MULTITASK person

I wish I could change to a better person 

study sempoi dan berkesan =)

xkan '' dia '' boleh aku xboleh  xp

sILent or sPEak

sHould yOu speak Or stay Silent???
1- when a person is sad or frustrate on something after he or she put such a big effort on it. me : silent, give he or she a space please.. she or he need to calm herself, think it from positive point of view, and rebuild the confident to try again and continue living. yeah!! 
2- when a person think you are wrong but you are not. me : speak, defend yourself or you will regret..
          There was a scene...  A girl and an uncle and some CASHIERS of '' anak lelaki MR. PARK store ''. The girl seem happy that she got to buy an item.. The cashier scanned the item, beep,, She stood quite far from the cashier because the counter is EMPTY.. she was happy!! remember that.   She gave the cashier a note,  just enough for the item ( $***.95 ) that she bought.. and an uncle came from back.. Cashier : '' do you want plastic?'' Girl : ''oh, sure =).. why not?? haha. '' IT WAS SATURDAY, 20 CENT…