oH bAbE!

assalamualaikum, woahhoho!!
 it has been a while that i had not turn on my LOYAL FRIEND *laptop aku lettew
and reload my dear phone si hitam yang berat baling anjing mesti pitam.*xtopupberbulalamenye.hahah

guess why?? hehe

it is because i really want to change my holiday habit. bad habit! absolutely unfavorable and unprofitable habit! i want to stop it! reduce it is more suitable i guess.hehe *unless i am a very the very wise human being in the earth that would use it wisely. my bad ;[ but,

 alhamdulillahirobbilalamiin.. * mission is in progress ;]

i really really jongmal*hangul=sangat hope that i could be better. 

try to figure it out. what am i talking about with all unreliable grammar and vocab.? haiyyooooo, oh my english is so bad!!!!! bianeyo.jongmal biane.
i should go back to tadika to learn english!!

oh interneto, you made me terleka la babe!-.-''


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