mEssY & dOOmed

Assalamualaikum. and hi everyone!

so. i had my glorious holiday for almost a year full. i got the email from KKM few days ago. i was in Perak fetching my not so lil bro. he finished his diploma, alhamdulillah. i went to perak with mak and abah. we had an overnight stay at a nicely wooden-decorated-hotel. we love to support Us. us is Us. who else would support us if we don't? ikr. hmm, not in the mood to discuss on this topic. 

the nreal topic now isssssssss... the placement aplication. im so doomed!

i cant decide which hospital im going yet. i hope i could run to my family when i need them but i cant be foolish to 'fikir pendek' and choose the nearest hospital for 2 years HO, and suffer pjj with my beloved family for the rest of my life...

angry. because i did not revise anything yet. regret it a bit.. 

i met a Dr when i accompanied emak for her regular hpt follow up. the doctor is a MO maybe, im not sure but he works in K.Pilah. he do locum every saturday to make sure he get to visit his family here. my mom told him i am applying for housemanship etc. he shared his experience and advice i take. haha. MD xlaku if u dont complete ur housemanship. i know that. he repeatedly say that i only have to ensure myself to surive day by day by day by day... till it ends. ha ha ha... he said he survived his HOship in Sandakan. luckily, his strategy to come back to Semenanjung went well eventhough he is not married yet.

he told me its hard to get transfered if you were sent to EM once you are a MO. if u go to EM during HO u can request to WM because HO still under KKM which is more generous i can say.. he assure me i must have my own strategy

hwaarghhh, no strategy, no semangat, no idea
this conversation makes me puzzled more and more
i dont know where should i apply
it getting worse
im dead

i hope i will continue writing so i can read these back later. it must be funny and i might read it with different tone and feelings maybe? hahaha


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